The top 5 reasons you need a home inspection before you buy: 1. You uncover what’s behind the walls, literally! (i.e. we find problems if they are there, even in new construction…don’t be fooled by the shine and sparkle of a new home) 2. You save more than what you’ll spend for the home inspection (i.e. the cost of rewiring a house is way more expensive than the home inspection costs that would have found the problem before you moved in) 3. You can negotiate better on the purchase price if there are problems that need to be addressed. 4. Repairs may be shouldered by the seller or if the seller is unwilling to do the repairs, this gives you the bargaining power to have that money taken off the selling price of the home 5. You get a true education about the home, condo or townhouse you are getting ready to buy so that there are not real surprises when you move in.

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